39.2% of Veterinary Professionals Use AI Tools in Their Practice – Digitail and AAHA Survey

Digitail, an all-in-one practice management software for veterinary hospitals, published a study, « AI in Veterinary Medicine: The Next Paradigm Shift, » exploring current awareness, perception, utilization, expectations, and concerns around the adoption of AI in veterinary medicine. Conducted in collaboration with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the study collected perspectives from 3,968 veterinary professionals. Below are the study highlights.

Adoption and sentiment

  • 39.2% of respondents reported using AI tools or software in their veterinary setting.
  • 69.5% of those respondents who have tried AI tools for professional tasks, report using them daily or weekly.
  • There is a direct correlation between the use of AI tools and the level of enthusiasm toward this technology.

Current applications and perceived benefits

  • Typical AI applications included imaging and radiology, administrative tasks, and voice-to-text transcription.
  • The most commonly cited benefits of AI integration include improved productivity and time savings, reduced administrative workload, and increased efficiency in diagnosis and treatment.

Concerns and drivers of adoption

  • The most prevalent concern (70.3% of respondents) was the reliability and accuracy of AI systems and data security and privacy (53.9%).
  • Factors that could inspire AI adoption are the availability of case studies, training, and personal positive experiences, as well as existing integrations of AI within the current software used at the practice.

Future outlook

  • 38.7% of veterinary professionals are interested in incorporating AI tools into their practice in the near future, while 15.5% of respondents expressed a clear opposition to AI.
  • The overwhelming majority of respondents believe that integrating AI into clinic workflows could significantly contribute to revenue growth, employee satisfaction, and client retention, and potentially provide their hospital with a competitive advantage.

« The survey findings revealed an interesting trend – increased usage correlates with a growing recognition of AI’s advantages. Notably, the overwhelming majority of those veterinary professionals who have tapped into AI, are using these tools in their veterinary setting daily or weekly, » commented Sebastian Gabor, CEO at Digitail. « While it is premature to state that AI is ready for universal implementation in veterinary medicine, it’s evident that it currently serves as a viable tool with specific applications. Insights from the survey respondents, along with the feedback from Digitail’s clients using Tails AI, have already allowed us to identify specific areas where this technology demonstrates reliability and positive impact for both staff and pet parents. »

Download the whitepaper: https://links.digitail.com/ai_vet_med_study.

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