A smart collar for dogs that measures feelings and detects diseases

Is about Inupathy, a product that was presented at the preview of CES 2022 in Las Vegas, in which TN participated. The device has two versions, according to the size of the pet, and in both cases it is attached to the body of the animal with a leash.

The trick, as they explained to the aforementioned medium, consists of the development of an application that crosses different variables with artificial intelligence to tell you on your cell phone what is the mood of your dog. In addition, it has lights that change color to alert different feelings of the animal.

How the collar that analyzes the mood of your dog works

  • Has a device that monitors vital signs
  • Connects to a program that uses artificial intelligence
  • Change colors and turn red if your dog is under stress or sad

“It was not a product initially designed for animal health purposes, we wanted to know if the feeling of the dogs could be known in real time and we ended up working with several engineers and veterinarians to make this product,” said Joji Yamaguchi, creator of the product. .

In front of the Inpathy booth, at CES Unveiled 2022 (the “inventors” section of CES), was a giant in the dog collar industry: Invoxia, which presented a product much more aimed at registering the health of pets. .

It’s about a biometric device that measures the respiration, behavior and heart rate of the animal. It also monitors it by GPS.

From the Invoxia booth they explained that they came to this product after working with certified veterinary cardiologists to develop deep learning artificial intelligence that uses miniaturized radar sensors.

In addition, the software is connected to a large database to measure and compare variables and send alerts to the family or the veterinarian in charge so that they can follow up. “We could not say that it predicts illnesses, but it does warn of abnormal behaviors so that they can be studied by a professional,” the company’s executive director Amélie Caudron explained to TN Tecno.

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