A smart treadmill for your Cat : Firm debuts intelligent personal trainer with LEDs to coax your pet 

Korean startup The Little Cat unveiled its smart feline treadmill at CES in Las Vegas this week.

A new household device aims to be the answer to pet obesity – at least, for those willing to shell out $1,800 for a treadmill.
Unlike other pet treadmills on the market, the pricey system is equipped with LED lights to motivate your cat into exercise, and allows you to set fitness goals.
The app-controlled device even lets pet owners spy on their cat’s activity when they’re not home, and give encouragement through recorded voice messages.
It works with an associated app, which lets pet owners see their cat’s activity even if they’re not home.
The treadmill uses LEDs to coax cats into the circle, and adjustable speeds aim to create adequate workouts based on your pet’s specific needs.

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