Ag tech briefs: ‘Green light’ tag for animal health monitoring

Australian ID start-up Provenance4 is about to launch a biometric livestock ear tag that uses a bright green ‘day and night’ LED light to alert managers to individual animal illness.

Provenance4 managing director Stewart McConachy said the tag, to be launched early next year, would be a boon to the feedlot sector. The system works by tracking individual animal temperatures and physical activity.
“Pulling sick cattle out of large feedlots for treatment can be time consuming and this is once a livestock manager has actually identified that an animal is sick,” he said.

QuantifiedAg has developed the technology that includes an LED light that flashes bright green when an animal is sick, as identified by body temperature and physical activity. The concept has been tested in US feedlots and is completing first-stage trials involving more than 800 head of cattle in four states in Australia. Stage two trials will enhance the data collection process and validate the benefits to feedlot operators.

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