AI-powered technology helps protect animals

This technologyPromoted by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), it is powered by a machine learning system with cameras and microphones. It captures sounds and images and identifies animals and maps the environment, providing experts with thousands of hours of data and hours of audio essential for conservation work.

Detailed animal identification and tracking

Many birds were identified by their calls, while foxes, deer, porcupines and bats were identified by artificial intelligence analysis. Description: No human audience participation in the process In the logo.

Large-scale operation and data generation is an important point highlighted by researchers. According to Anthony Dancer, a security expert at ZSL, this large scale is only possible through the use of AI, as it would be impossible to do the same job with only human observers.

Successful tests

The test sites chosen for the project were land near railway lines in Barnes, Twickenham and Lewisham in London. Fences were erected to prevent people from entering these areas. Only maintenance staff can enter platforms owned by the scheme’s partner, Network Rail.

For Neil Strong, Biodiversity Strategy Manager at General Railway Network, these areas are critical to protecting the country’s animal and plant life. 52,000 hectares of land near the railway tracks are home to a wide variety of species.

With AI, we were able to get very important data from animals like orange thrush, blackbird and great tit (birds that naturally need good berries and nuts). The technology captured acoustic signals from sensors at all test sites.

Now, the project intends to expand operations across the UK beyond Network Rail areas. As Dancer explains, the technology is expected to provide information about how species move in response to climate change and how to manage vegetation not just on railroad tracks, but along roadsides and elsewhere.

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