Animal Dermatology Group Announces Publication Validating Wearable Technology for Dogs


ATLANTA, May 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Animal Dermatology Group announces a new publication validating the ability of a wearable device to assess itching and scratching behaviors. Working with AGL, an Atlanta, GA technology company, Dr. Joel Griffies announces a scientific publication describing the validation of a wearable device to tell pet owners what their dogs can’t – how much they are scratching and shaking.  To view this article go to BMC Veterinary Research: « Wearable sensor shown to specifically quantify pruritic behaviors in dogs. »

Dr. Joel Griffies, veterinary dermatologist at Animal Dermatology Clinic, Marietta, GA provided veterinary expertise and a population of itchy dogs to help engineers develop this technology. According to Dr. Griffies, the problem veterinarians face is a lack of truly objective information. « Since our patients can’t talk, what we know about their symptoms is from owner reports and what we observe in the exam room, » says Griffies. « The Vetrax® system solves this problem by providing actual information about what a dog does each day, even when they can’t be observed. »  Vetrax is a small wearable device attached to a collar that records specific movement characteristics in fractions of a second. Utilizing engineers at Georgia Tech, AGL has developed a system using computer algorithms to interpret movements and accurately report behaviors.

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