Antech helps veterinary teams deliver excellent pet care more efficiently by advancing core diagnostics

Today, Antech Diagnostics announced new data and innovative advances to several core diagnostic tests to help veterinarians find disease faster and more efficiently than traditional diagnostics allow. Published data, field data and technology advances aligned with KOL guidelines demonstrate the value of continual improvement to diagnostics for veterinarians seeking innovative ways to restore pets to good health as quickly as possible. 

At its in-person and virtual booth, Antech will highlight several key advances to its novel diagnostic tests, specifically RenalTech™, which predicts chronic kidney disease in cats up to 2 years before onset; the Canine CE-IBD assay, veterinary medicine’s first non-invasive blood test for canine chronic enteropathy/inflammatory bowel disease (CE/IBD); the FIRSTract™ Urine Culture test, the first automated test for rapid, reliable urine culture results for cats and dogs; and Accuplex, a canine vector-borne disease screen with C6, aligned with American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) consensus guidelines for Lyme disease.

Data milestones and technology advancements include the following:

New data show RenalTech inspires more veterinary visits and better preventive care for cats
RenalTech™ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict whether or not a cat will develop chronic kidney disease (CKD) up to 2 years prior to diagnosis with greater than 95% accuracy. One in 3 cats will develop CKD. Early warning of disease allows veterinarians to treat disease proactively when early care strategies have the best chance for success. Now, data from a retrospective review of 730,000 veterinary visits show RenalTech also improves preventive care opportunities for cats by inspiring a 31% increase in veterinary visits following a positive RenalTech result. Pet owners also purchase CKD-related early interventions, including food and medications. These new data demonstrate RenalTech’s value for practices seeking to improve overall feline wellness while also positively impacting the health of cats facing CKD.

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