Antech unleashes new era in veterinary diagnostics with two new innovations

Waiting to hear a diagnosis from your veterinary professional for your beloved pet can be an anxious time. This is why Antech, part of our Science & Diagnostics division, is excited to announce the availability of two groundbreaking veterinary diagnostics innovations in North America: AIS RapidRead and the Nu.Q® cancer screening tool – both of which support veterinary professionals with faster insights.

These two new innovations, powered through science and technology, enable faster and more reliable insights, empowering veterinarians to make informed decisions that ensure pets can live their healthiest, happiest lives.

AIS RapidRead is a new diagnostic tool coming out of Antech’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) pipeline, providing tested and reliable rapid imaging technology, meaning an image can be read in minutes instead of days or hours. This rapid insight can make all the difference for pets and their owners.

The technology was trained on the world’s largest library of companion animal images to provide veterinarians with an immediate radiology second opinion. This transformative innovation has already had over 5,000 cases reviewed during a 2023 pilot program, helping in early detection, enhancing diagnoses and managing workflows. This was endorsed by Lilly Ock, DVM, from VCA Animal Hospitals Urgent Care – Laguna Niguel, who experienced AIS RapidRead first-hand during the pilot phase:

“The AIS RapidRead option for radiographs has made such a positive impact! Not only is the nearly instantaneous report a great facet but the information it provides is priceless to me. Having the option of image review to either confirm a differential diagnosis, or draw attention to something that would be otherwise overlooked, is a huge comfort to my clients and me.” 

To further support veterinary professionals on their AI learning journey, Antech will be hosting two webinars on Lifting the Veil on Machine Learning in Veterinary Radiology to showcase the technology. The webinar will be offered on May 21 and 22, and veterinary professionals can sign up here on Antech’s website.

The second innovation now available in North America is the Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test, a rapid, accurate, targeted cancer screening tool for high-risk breeds and older dogs. Nu.Q® cancer detection includes prevalent types of canine cancers, enabling veterinarians and pet owners to make informed decisions about cancer care more quickly. Studies1 have shown >75% detection rates for common cancers in dogs like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma when using Nu.Q®.

Both new innovations go to the core of the Antech business – to partner with veterinary professionals to predict, diagnose and monitor wellness and disease. Nefertiti Greene, President, Mars Science & Diagnostics said:

“The launch of these new diagnostic innovations underscores Antech’s commitment to empowering more effective, efficient diagnostic decision making for better health outcomes, in support of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.” 

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