Australia: PetSure Insurance to enable remote veterinary care for pets via televet startup Vetchat

Pet insurance administrator PetSure has teamed with Vetchat, a veterinary telehealth service that gives customers immediate access to a consult with a nationally registered vet via text or video.

Veterinary care needs to be affordable, convenient and—above all—accessible for pet owners, especially in the case of a lockdown—so this new partnership is very timely.

PetSure, which invests in emerging technologies to further animal health, has decided to invest in a provider of next-generation digital veterinary services because it views telemedicine as a critical service for pet owners.

PetSure will become a 40 per cent shareholder in Vetchat and enter into a strategic partnership to grow veterinary telehealth services in Australia. PetSure’s investment will enable the Vetchat business to achieve greater growth to service a large proportion of Australia’s pet parents. 

“PetSure exists for the welfare of Australian pets, and we are very glad to be able to invest in building this infrastructure that enables people to continue caring for their pets—especially under the current circumstances,” PetSure CEO Alexandra Thomas said.

Vetchat gives vets a channel to advise pet owners as soon as they have a concern. The opportunity to give personalised advice to concerned pet parents allows vets to reach more animals that need it, faster—not just in the current environment, but under usual circumstances where some people may struggle to get to a clinic and in good time. 

Vets also benefit from the flexibility of being able to apply their specialised skill set where it’s needed, in times that suit them. 

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