Canada: This virtual platform connects pet owners with veterinarians

VANCOUVER — If you are worried about the health of your pet during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. 

If you are too ill to bring your dog to the vet, or simply don’t want to risk visiting the vet, a Canadian pet technology company is offering free access to its new veterinary telemedicine platform.

On Thursday, GoFetch Health launched free access to its app that helps connect pet owners with veterinarians to help identify, assess, and treat pets through virtual care.
Pet owners and veterinarians across Canada can download the app and register free of charge until June 1, 2020.

The app will do the following:
Give pet parents 24/7 access to vets and vet nurses who can help answer questions, assess behavioural changes, give advice, and identify whether a pet’s condition is urgent
Provide vets with a safe platform to connect with their patients to offer virtual consults via video conference to provide support for new or ongoing medical issues, managing treatment plans, prescription refills, etc. 
“The veterinary profession is essential to ensuring pet health,” says Dr. Adam Little, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of GoFetch Health.
“Like many small businesses, local practices are having to adapt to new ways to serve their clients and patients. By making our service free and enabling more veterinary clinics to participate, we hope that every pet owner can access a veterinarian when needed and veterinary practices can continue to serve their clients.”

Pet owners may connect with veterinarians through two ways:
– a live veterinary chat function in which veterinarians and veterinary technicians offer general support, advice, and triage to all pet owners.
– a one-on-one paid virtual video consults with your pet’s primary veterinarian, providing pet owners with more in-depth support, treatment options, and ensuring continuity of care.  
Veterinarians can set up virtual consultations within 24 hours which enables them to continue to provide care to their clients, in place of in-person clinic visits in the wake of social distancing and COVID-19. From here, veterinarians set their own schedules and prices to best serve their clients. 

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