Chinese startup is finding lost dogs by their nose prints thanks to AI technology

In China, a new app from the Startup Megvii is gaining popularity. The project using AI helps to search for irresponsible dog owners and find dogs who got lost.

It’s a fact that the nose pattern in dogs is unique – just like a human’s fingerprint. Using artificial intelligence, developers from China managed to set up a dog recognition system based on photos.

In order to find your pet in the database, you need to take a few photos of his snout from different angles. Then Megvii will compare the data with an extensive database and either show the owner’s contacts or add the dog to a separate list. The developer recommends registering a pet now in case of his loss. So you can contact those who find it. It is reported that more than 15,000 dogs were already found and returned to their owners thanks to the app and that this figure is growing quickly.

Remarkably, the Chinese government is already working with the Megvii developers. The purpose of this symbiosis is to control irresponsible owners. At the end of last year in China a law was enacted prohibiting walking with a dog without a leash around the city. With Megvii, it will be even easier to figure out violators of this law.

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