Dublin: Pete the Vet to launch subscription service for pets 

Vet Pete Wedderburn, known as Pete the Vet in media appearances, is to launch a new subscription-based website aimed at pet owners.

The new site, called Petfix Club, will offer a range of advice, videos and pet triage, as well as access to a pet shop selling everything from health products to animal treats.

Wedderburn, backed by well-known talent agent Noel Kelly and businessman Gerry Kelly, has been developing the business for two years.

« The partners felt there was a gap in the market for a website offering really good interactive and personalised help to pet owners for their animal health and well-being, » he said.

« My angle was I already knew there was a demand for help online and, between us, we came up with the idea of a subscription-based website that allows people to get the detailed information they need to make sure they are having the best possible experience with their pets. »

The features include an automated pet triage questionnaire which guides pet owners towards the best course of action, potentially saving owners unnecessary visits to the vet.

« I know as a vet you can’t properly examine an animal over the internet. But what you can do is give very effective triage. You can quickly and cheaply help people figure out do they need to see the vet and, if so, how quickly, » he said.

There is also a follow up « ask the vet » feature to connect with a vet via email if there is still concern about the pet.

The members’ store will give owners savings on products such as food, accessories, toys and parasite control

A virtual encyclopaedia of animal care is also provided, with hundreds of videos of Wedderburn, articles and podcasts.

The subscription is €7 a month with a 30-day free trial.

Wedderburn said he felt pet owners would be willing to pay the monthly fee and noted that spending on pets had grown significantly in recent years.

He also plans to roll out the website in other countries.

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