CES 2018 Eureka Park Preview: Pet Tech Startup Pebby Has Created Your Pet’s New Favorite Toy


The Pebby Ball is a robotic ball reminiscent of a Sphero except designed for rigorous play with dogs and cats in mind. We’ll get to the cat part in a second.  Pebby Ball, moves about on it’s own in an auto play more or it can be controlled by your phone from home or away. Inside the ball is a durable 1080p camera that will let you capture snaps and videos while your favorite pet is playing with it.  Pebby Ball also features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  It supports up to 12 hours of play and has easy to use inductive charging so you don’t have to “plug” it into anything.

Pebby Ball also has built in two way communication. Your dog can bark or nudge the ball to let you know it’s time to play, even if you’re at work and in a meeting. Pebby Ball’s built in microphone and camera will let you have a conversation with your pet.

For cats, Pebby has included a pet and human safe laser. Your cat will go crazy over trying to catch the laser. The fact that the laser is inside the robotic ball means that the laser itself can end up anywhere, on the wall, the floor or even the ceiling. Cats will have a lot of fun with the laser and get a good work out.

The Pebby Collar is a smart monitoring collar, that syncs to your Pebby Ball and gives you a way to track your pets activities. You can keep tabs on your pet’s activity and mobility levels 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the dashboard on the Pebby Collar app.  The Pebby Collar’s battery lasts up to 8 days

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