For pet owners, Joii app by Vet-AI offering remote consultations and triage

Joii is the first app from Vet-AI, launching in May this year. The first phase is offering remote consultations and triage where users get access to real vets and speak to them in real time. It will save them up to 60% on normal vet fees and offer access to 70% of the normal services.

It uses complex algorithms which will learn to make a better diagnosis. This, coupled with the AI technology due to be rolled out next year, will mean pet owners can access immediate care for their animals and hopefully stop the dangerous practice of Googling symptoms and self-diagnosis. The app will either advise owners to take the pet to a vet straight away or initiate a video consultation with one of our vets. Then, if the animal needs a product to solve the issue, that’s all arranged through our system. The animal is given a checkup in the following weeks, just as a normal vet would offer, except in our case this will be free. 

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