Healthy cows as the foundation of farm success

In modern agriculture, animal health plays a critical role in the success of a dairy farm. However, as herd size increases, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep track of each cow’s health.

Even the most dedicated animal owners have had to rely on visible abnormalities, and thus precise and time-consuming observation, to detect emerging diseases. But externally visible symptoms often only become apparent when it is already too late for effective prevention.

smaXtec says its health system allows dairy farms to detect diseases at an early stage – long before externally visible symptoms or changes in feeding and ruminating behaviour. In this way, it enables preventive action and proactive control.

The system revolutionises the way animal owners manage the health of their cows, smaXtec says. The unique bolus technology measures directly from inside the cow, capturing precise data on each cow’s internal body temperature, drinking behaviour, rumination based on rumen contractions and activity.

This information provides valuable insights into animal health and allows early identification of diseases. For example, farmers can detect mastitis up to four days before visible symptoms appear. If the system notices any symptoms, they immediately receive an alarm on their mobile phone or desktop computer.

In this early phase, milder remedies such as anti-inflammatory medications are often sufficient to prevent severe cases. For the farms, this leads to less use of antibiotics and no waiting times or milk losses.

smaXtec says that what makes its system unique is the ground-breaking bolus technology that allows data to be obtained directly from inside the cow. Valuable health data such as internal body temperature or water intake can be measured.

This unique approach provides farmers with insights into health and behaviour that were previously hidden from them. The combination of precise measurements and early reporting makes smaXtec an indispensable partner for preventive animal health and optimised farm management, the company reckons.

The efficient use of the smaXtec system opens up new areas of action for farmers. Thus, smaXtec changes the way farmers manage animal health – early, effectively and future-oriented.

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