How can angel investors support animal health innovation?

With a growing population putting demands on farmers and producers to create sustainable protein, and the transformation of pets from companion animals to family members, the animal health industry is seeking innovation. Consultant Amanda Curtis explains how angel investment could fuel this much-needed innovation.

To ensure these advancements in animal health innovation continue, resources and funding must be made available where innovations are housed – start-up companies.

Funding start-ups in the animal health world is a relatively new and complex mission. Many of the same pitfalls that surround human health investments mirror themselves in animal health start-ups. Whether it is timeline of product launch, proof-of-concept studies, regulatory approval pathway or the ever-looming rate of return, the animal health industry faces the same complications as human health, with less options to secure capital.

Within the past decade, angel investment individuals, syndicates and networks have emerged to address the lack of funding with intentional selectivity for animal health start-ups. 

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