How Technology Transforms The Veterinary Industry?

Technological advances are helping veterinarians to quickly deliver services to animals that strengthen the bond between veterinarians and pet owners.

The veterinary industry is in the midst of the technology boom. It is evident from the statistics that Americans spent $72 billion on their pets, ranging from $80 to $142 per month, and about $1,300 per year, the veterinary industry continues to grow with many pet owners developing their attention towards pet’s health. Also, the demand for quality veterinary services by means of technology is influencing a strong growth. With the advent of technology and advances in care for pets, there is no sign of fall in the industry.

Technology has made caring for pets and interacting with them easier and better than ever. Technological advancements have enabled improved access to veterinary services to manage the pets better. Pet wearable market is predicted to double to US$2.5bn by the end of 2024, as pet wearables are now a growing business. Wearables can help pet owners detect health issues in pet earlier. Fitness trackers for animals could bring transformation as they can be directly connected to the veterinary practice providing veterinarians with data-driven insights into the animal’s health. This will strengthen the relationship between the veterinarian and pet owner as they can treat the disease before it becomes a severe complication.

Now, telemedicine has empowered pet owners to access veterinary services online without visiting the veterinary practice in person. They can chat with specialists using telemedicine. Various companies are capitalizing on digital technology to give more convenient and affordable pet services to owners. They can access a “virtual vet” that allows them to chat or send instant messages to veterinarians for non-emergency services through their smartphones. The technology enables pet owners to send pictures and videos depicting clearly for veterinarians about the issues their pets might have. 5G will elevate the use of mobile phones, expanding the telemedicine even further.

Ultimately, technology improves access to veterinary expertise, catches health problems early, and assures owners that they can better care for their animal.

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