Internet of Cows: Ingestible IoT sensor monitors the health of livestock

An ingestible IoT sensor is assisting farmers with monitoring the health of their livestock and helping to boost profitability.

The sensor, created by Austrian technology company smaXtec, provides data on inner body temperature, rumination, PH levels, and movement activity. This data helps to ensure the welfare of the livestock by sending early warnings of potential ill-health.

Early intervention can help to limit the prescription of antibiotics which, aside from being directly costly, also requires the cow to be removed from the production process and certified as safe by a vet before it can be introduced back to the herd.

The rumination and activity data is used to automatically calculate an insemination window to help farmers improve success. The sensor is also able to detect imminent calving 6-36 hours prior, helping to ensure the safe delivery of a healthy animal.

Stefan Rosenkranz, CEO of smaXtec, said:

“As one of the founders of our company, I have been involved in every step of the journey from concept to commercialisation of the sensor technology.

The feedback we get from farmers deploying the service is fantastic: making their lives easier and their farm business more profitable while improving the welfare of their animals through the smart use of data.

As we prepare for the next phase of our development as a business, it was important we worked with a company which could offer us global connectivity and in particular a strong US presence as we are building our market presence there.”

The solution uses AT&T’s IoT connectivity and is now active in 25 countries including farms in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

John V. Slamecka, AT&T region president–EMEA & LATAM, commented:

“The IoT applications which can be enabled by AT&T’s global network never cease to amaze me. In this case the smart solution developed by smaXtec is delivering its priceless data from inside the cow.

Animals that had to be inspected and monitored in person can now be checked remotely, saving farmers time and money. It’s a fantastic example of what can be done when a customer harnesses the scale of AT&T’s IoT connectivity.”

Assisting farmers in optimising production and reducing veterinary and other expenses will be key to helping many countries deal with their growing and ageing populations. Even a one percent saving on herd feeding can help to make a farmer’s business more sustainable.

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