Introducing Petpuls, the AI-powered Dog Collar That Gives Your Dog a ‘Voice’

Petpuls’s AI-enabled voice recognition technology detects and analyzes five different emotional states of a dog — happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed — and tracks its physical activity, to help dog owners better manage their dog’s entire lifespan

« Petpuls was born from my desire to use AI and IoT technology to help dog lovers better understand their canine companions. The AI-driven data accumulated by Petpuls can create more meaningful relationships between dogs and the humans they interact with: dog owners, walkers, caretakers and vets. »

Petpuls, the AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice,’ today announced a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring its smart dog collar to the US market. Petpuls utilizes a collar with built-in, AI-enabled voice recognition technology. The collar pairs via Wi-Fi with an accompanying iOS or Android app to detect and analyze a dog’s emotional state and also tracks its physical well-being — to help dog owners better understand and manage their dog’s entire life span. View a short video of Petpuls in action here.

How Petpuls Works.
Petpuls uses voice recognition technology to analyze and track a dog’s emotional well-being by day, week and month. Petpuls’ patent-pending, AI-enabled voice recognition technology uses a proprietary algorithm in combination with a database of more than 10,000 bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes to detect and determine a dog’s five emotional states — happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed — with an Emotional Recognition Accuracy Rate of more than 80%. (Source: Seoul National University R&D). Petpuls’s AI-driven database grows even more accurate over time as it records and accumulates the dog’s ‘voice’ data, helping the dog’s owner to better understand their dog’s emotions — and what triggers them — to better manage their furry friend’s full 10-15+ year life span. The collar also functions as an activity tracker, with a built-in accelerometer sensor that automatically calculates the number of calories a dog burns from exercise by the hour, day, week or month.

Petpuls Key Features and Specifications:

Smart dog collar with an adjustable strap available in two sizes — small, 15.75” (40cm) or large, 31.5” (80cm) — to fit small and large breed dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes
Eco-friendly, detachable, interchangeable silicone collar strap is bright safety orange by default. Additional collar straps are available for purchase in blue, green, hot pink and turquoise to allow for unique color combinations.
Lightweight (approx. 1 oz / 25g) smart collar is water-resistant (IP65) and features a 3-color, backlit LED display optimized for outdoor use, power button, microphone, reset button and a USB charging portal
Battery life: 8-10 hours on a single charge; nightly charging recommended
Petpuls App supports up to five different dog profiles, enabling people who own multiple dogs and Petpuls smart collars to track them in a single app
A “My Pet Registration” feature for dog owners to create a unique profile of their dog within the Petpuls Community — its name, breed, age, gender, weight and more
A « Pet Favorites » feature allows dog owners to keep track of their dog’s food, toys and other dog friends who are also registered as part of the Petpuls Community
Companion app compatible with iOS (version 11 or higher) and Android (version 4.1 or higher)
Wi-Fi pairing in house – about 15 ft (5m): smart collar tethers to the owner’s smartphone outdoors and syncs with the paired app once they reconnect to Wi-Fi
KC, ROHS and MSDS Certifications; FCC certification pending

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