Looking for answers to pet health concerns, day or night? Nationwide® can help

vethelpline® by Nationwide gives pet owners access to advice from veterinary experts any time

 Pet parents have a new and convenient way to get personalized, expert advice on pet health questions or medical concerns, thanks to Nationwide.

The nation’s largest pet insurer, protecting more than 1 million pets, is launching vethelpline by Nationwide, a standalone subscription service that offers live, 24/7 access to advice from veterinary experts through any mobile device. 

vethelpline by Nationwide offers subscribers:

Access to experienced veterinary experts at any time of day or night to answer general questions or identify urgent care needs through in-app chats and phone consultations
In-app photo sharing and click-t0-call capabilities to assist with discussing the pet’s issue with vethelpline staff
A catalog of articles related to the most popular topics sought by pet owners, including health and safety tips for dogs and cats
In addition to providing guidance on a pet’s general health, behavior, and wellbeing, vethelpline staff can address urgent toxicology, emergency, and critical care concerns. Although vethelpline experts will not diagnose or prescribe medication, a call or chat can help both pet parents and veterinary teams by:

Providing guidance on when a perceived pet problem is nothing to worry about
Offering suggestions on home-based care that treats the issue or helps the pet until a veterinarian can be seen
Helping to sort pet health issues into « emergency, » « next-day » or « wait a while » veterinary visits
Keeping lines of communication with the family veterinary practice clear by answering routine pet-care questions
« vethelpline’s standalone service is the latest example of Nationwide’s efforts to democratize pet health care and help all pet families experience better lives together, » said Nationwide Chief Pet Officer Heidi Sirota. « Pet families have different needs, budgets and preferences around managing their animal’s care and we’re excited to offer a telehealth service that makes live, expert pet health advice very accessible. »

vethelpline by Nationwide is offered in subscriptions of six-month, three-month, and monthly packages of unlimited interactions. Packages start at less than $10/month and one plan covers up to 10 pets in a single household.

Nationwide pet insurance members currently have vethelpline as a benefit included in their insurance coverage and will continue to receive complimentary access to the recently enhanced service now widely available to the general public as a standalone subscription.

To learn more or to subscribe, visit petinsurance.com/vethelplineapp and download the mobile app.

For information about Nationwide’s full range of pet insurance plans, visit petinsurance.com.

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