ALR Technologies Advances Partnership Discussions with Two Global Animal Health Pharmaceutical Companies

ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. , the diabetes management company, announces today the advancement in partnership talks on the GluCurve Pet CGM with two key pharmaceutical companies in animal health. Subject to further due diligence and financial negotiations, one of the two will be selected as a strategic partner through purchasing a stake in the GluCurve Pet CGM.

Joe Stern, Head of Animal Health at ALRT commented: “After receiving a great deal of interest, we have put other partnering opportunities for the GluCurve on hold because we believe the expertise, relationships, and global market reach these two pharmaceutical companies have will provide the most value to the veterinarians and pet owners who care for diabetic pets, along with our shareholders.”

The GluCurve Pet CGM addresses an unmet need in diabetes care for veterinary clinics, pet owners, and the pets by making glucose monitoring effortless and financially favorable. It also addresses an unmet need for insulin manufacturers by creating and capturing data on how each pet is responding to therapy, along with providing insulin dose calculations and best practice guidelines for different types of insulin directly to the veterinarians in an all-inclusive patient management platform.

The GluCurve Pet CGM combines the hardware technology to effortlessly record glucose levels, with the software technology to effectively manage patients in one holistic solution that saves veterinarians and pet owners time and money. One interested pharmaceutical company stated they believe the GluCurve Pet CGM “will revolutionize diabetes management for pets.”

Sidney Chan, Chairman and CEO of ALR Technologies concludes: “As we continue through the diligence process and discuss the financial terms for an interest in the GluCurve Pet CGM, we want to thank our shareholders for their patience and support while we work diligently to bring value to them and to the animal health industry.”

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