MetaPets Releases its Project: Own a Fur-ever Pet for the MetaVerse

The MetaPets team is pleased to announce the release of its MetaPets project that allows users to own digital pets of their design. This unique project for pet lovers ensures that they never have to grieve over the loss of a pet since they can own an immortal pet in the metaverse. Not only will this bring comfort to many pet owners, but it will also allow many pet lovers with allergies, to see their dreams of owning a pet of their choice come true.


On top of having their favorite pet for the metaverse as just a companion, users will have the ability to participate in an array of other activities and events. According to MetaPets’ website, “you can show your dog off in a dog show, have your prize cow produce milk to sell, and race your trophy-winning horse in a competition.” Of course, that’s in addition to the unique opportunity to generate revenue from the MetaPets product.

The team behind this project is passionate about helping people with the grief of losing a beloved friend, one that can now live again within the metaverse. Users will have the ability to own pets that will be with them forever through their life journey. Their new friends will always be with them when they are lonely, sad, tired, or craving companionship.

In addition to owning pets, the team will engage the community and assist them in building competitive and fun relationships with many planned games. While playing NFT games, users can dress their MetaPet, train, and breed them to create a permanent bond between them and their pet.


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