Oculyze MUH : A smartphone for on farm detection of subclinical endometriosis in cows

Oculyze MUH is based on automated image recognition and analysis, using deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Oculyze’s cloud-based mobile microscopy platform transforms ordinary smart phones into powerful tools enabling anyone to capture high-quality microscopic images on-site, and receive accurate and reproducible results in seconds.

Oculyze MUH provides easy and quick on-farm detection of cows suffering from subclinical endometritis. An accurate and immediate diagnosis enables you to to implement adequate measures to regain sufficient herd reproduction performance.

Standardized analysis
Oculyze delivers expert knowledge to your farm and counts the cells for you. The automated image recognition and analysis ensures standardized evaluation of every sample. Since the results are are independent of the examiner, Oculyze MUH is also suitable for scientific studies which require low intra- and interexperimental variation.

Mobile equipment
Oculyze MUH is based on a mobile microscope and a smart phone app. No lab microscope or microscopy expertise are required. The system can be adapted to conventional fluorescence microscopes, if available.

Lire la suite: www.oculyze.de

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