Owl pet robot lets you interact with your pet remotely

If you need to leave your pet alone for short periods of time. You may be interested in a new pet robot aptly named the Owl, specifically designed to enable you to interact and monitor your pet remotely. The pet robot provides the ability to treat your pet to a snack as well as real-time interaction wherever you may be in the world. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Owl pet robot which has launched via Kickstarter this week from $99. Features of the pet robot include :

Pet robot

“As an interactive smart toy for your pet, Owl Robot will actually play with your pet and you can easily control the play time through the app. Just sit back in your office, take a few minutes to play with your pet, and have Owl Robot chasing her, or running away from her, or even teasing her and bringing her back to play when she looks bored. You can set the moving track of the Owl through APP for a perfect play with your pet. This interaction can help your pet prevent depression or other mental illness caused by isolation and loneliness. You can even track your pet’s activity, positioning and trajectory at your place—at any time! As long as something goes wrong, you can take measures immediately to help them. You can also record and take picture of what all that Owl Robot’s cameras see. You can also playback what you had recorded. Even more, You can also share them to friends and family.”

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