Pappy Jams Feature in Alexa, Will Entertain Dog by Reciting Songs When the Owner Is Not There 

Smart Assistant has added a new feature to Alexa. In the absence of the user, it will entertain the pet dog present at home, it will sing to them so that it is not a victim of depression in private. The company released this new feature on International Dog Day on Monday.

According to the report, iHeart Radio introduced Pappy James on the occasion of Dog Day. This is a music based skill that will take care of pets, especially dogs, when the owner is not at home. It is based on artificial intelligence technology, which is able to detect what the dog is feeling. For example, it will track the mood of the dog and play the song itself so that the owner can be entertained even when he is not at home.

To start this new skill on Amazon Alexa compatible device, the user has to say Alexa – Open Puppy Jams. After that you have to tell how the dog’s mood is – stressed, lonely or happy.

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