Pawly: World’s Most Intelligent Cat Door

A Swiss startup named Pawly is stepping up to address the unique challenges faced by pet owners, particularly those with feline companions. Founded in 2021 by Frank Carlson and Manuel Josephsohn, Pawly has taken on the mission to enhance the lives of pet owners and their furry friends through groundbreaking technological solutions. At the heart of their offerings is the world’s most intelligent cat door, a game-changing invention that solves long-standing problems cat owners face and serves as the cornerstone of their broader vision for a smart home for pets.

Pawly’s Intelligent Cat Door: A Technological Marvel

The primary conundrum that Pawly’s innovative cat door addresses is the age-old issue of cats bringing unwanted prey into their owners’ homes. The Pawly Door, as it’s aptly named, goes beyond being just an entry point for cats. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it’s designed to recognize individual cats using FaceID, ensuring that only the right furry friend gains access. This feature prevents prey from entering and offers added security and peace of mind for pet owners.

Moreover, the Pawly Door boasts an impressive array of features that extend far beyond typical pet doors. It’s capable of analyzing the behavior and movement patterns of the cats, which can aid in identifying potential health issues. Through the power of artificial intelligence, it can detect lost cats by comparing incoming feline visitors with a database of registered pets. This functionality can prove invaluable in reuniting lost pets with their worried owners.

The Birth of Pawly: A Triumph of Innovation

Pawly’s journey began with the passionate minds of Frank Carlson and Manuel Josephsohn, who saw a glaring gap in the market that needed to be filled. For years, cat owners had been grappling with the challenge of their pets’ hunting instincts leading to unwanted “gifts” being brought indoors. While the idea of a cat door with prey detection had been attempted before, Pawly managed to crack the code and bring this vision to life.

Through relentless dedication and countless hours of collaboration, Carlson and Josephsohn harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to develop a solution that cat owners had been dreaming of. The result was not merely a product but a triumph of technology meeting a fundamental human need. The Pawly Door promised to keep undesirable surprises at bay and facilitated the purest form of pet-owner bonding by creating a harmonious living environment.

Inspired by Success: A Nod to Fitbit

As Pawly set out to revolutionize pet care, it found inspiration in the story of Fitbit, a company that revolutionized personal health monitoring through wearable technology. The founders of Pawly admired Fitbit’s ability to bridge the gap between innovation and everyday life, creating a community of individuals united by a shared goal.

Drawing lessons from Fitbit’s success, Pawly aimed to create a similar community of cat enthusiasts. By tapping into data-driven insights about pet behavior, particularly hunting habits, Pawly aspired to enhance pet owners’ understanding of their companions. This community-driven approach would encourage the exchange of experiences and insights, strengthening the bond between pets and their owners.

Pawly’s Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Pawly envisions a future where technology becomes integral to pet care. The startup’s ambitions extend beyond the intelligent cat door, envisioning a comprehensive smart home system for pet owners. This system would be driven by data, allowing owners to monitor and meet the needs of their pets with unparalleled precision.

By integrating a range of smart, pet-friendly devices into the home environment, Pawly seeks to enhance pets’ overall well-being. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the system would provide meaningful insights into pet behavior, health trends, and overall patterns. This holistic approach benefits the pets and fosters a deeper and more harmonious relationship between pets and their devoted owners.


Pawly’s journey from its inception in 2021 to its upcoming Kickstarter launch demonstrates the power of innovation fueled by passion and the desire to bridge gaps in everyday life. With their intelligent cat door as the first step towards their grand vision of a connected smart home for pets, Pawly is poised to reshape how pet owners interact with and care for their beloved companions. Through technology and compassion, Pawly sets the stage for a brighter future for pets and those who love them.

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