Pawp isn’t pet insurance. It’s 24/7/365 pet protection that pays you back. And it’s just $19 a month.

In the average American household, a couple almost always ends up having the same age-old discussion: should we get a pet?  But more and more often these days, the question isn’t whether or not to introduce a dog or a cat into the family. No, the real question is whether or not they can actually afford to introduce a dog or a cat into the family.

Pet ownership isn’t cheap. And the costs only continue to march skyward. Depending on a dog’s breed and size, your location, and other extenuating circumstances, it could cost you anywhere from $1,400 up to around $4,300 a year to keep Fido safe and happy in your home. And while cats cost less, they aren’t exactly always a bargain either.

And those are just the average day-to-day costs. If your furry friend gets sick or suffers a physical injury, that’s where stuff really starts to add up. Four out of five dog owners spend over $500 in vet bills in a puppy’s first year. That isn’t much of a surprise with the skyrocketing cost of veterinary care. 

With blood work costing up to $200, x-rays $250, ultrasound $600, and extra hospitalization or surgery anywhere from $2,000 all the way up to $7,000, it doesn’t take long for a pet emergency to turn into a very serious financial emergency.

Pawp is a twist on pet insurance
With figures like those, it’s no wonder that the pet insurance business is booming and expected to grow into a $10 billion industry by 2025. Getting coverage for your dog or cat provides obvious financial protections, but just the thought of suffering through the hoop-jumping, price gouging and all-around shenanigans of the insurance industry so your pet can be covered isn’t a pleasant notion for anybody.

Thankfully, Pawp is a pet insurance alternative with an entirely different approach. Launched in 2019, Pawp puts a premium on getting your dog or cat the medical attention and treatment they need, while also providing a financial safety net in the event of costly vet visits.

Unlike human health insurance or even most of their pet competitors, Pawp doesn’t require a physical or a full rundown of your pet’s stats before quoting you a policy price. Pawp will cover up to six pets in your house for only $19 a month. No matter their age, breed, location, or medical history, that $19 monthly payment makes you and your dog or cat a member of the Pawp family.

And being in the family definitely comes with some perks. Whenever you have a question about your pet’s health, Pawp can serve as your first line of protection. Members can just contact the Pawp hotline anytime, day or night, and immediately talk to a vet online to assess your issue.

If your cat or dog is showing signs of a medical problem, your Pawp professional can talk you through the symptoms and offer a recommendation about what to do next. It’s no substitute for a real vet’s office in the wake of an issue, but it can certainly offer peace of mind or expert advice before carting your worried animal in for an in-person visit, especially if you’re unsure whether you’ve got a problem or not. 

Not only can you connect with a Pawp pro within five minutes, but you also never need an appointment.

A $3,000 safety net
And if your pet really is suffering from a significant issue, Pawp has your back there as well. With a Pawp plan, pet owners receive a $3,000 emergency safety net that can be used at any pet clinic once per year. There are no out-of-pocket expenses. And you don’t have to worry about paying those funds back. They’re yours as a Pawp member.

Considering we’re now using the common sense of animals to inform artificial intelligence, Pawp is a healthy dose of common sense that would definitely earn your dog or cat’s seal of approval. 

Right now, you can head to the Pawp website and lock down your $19 per month protections. It only takes a few minutes to get started and just a few days before your emergency vet reimbursement kicks in. For any pet parent who wants to know they’re taking proactive steps to ensure the best and longest possible life for their cat or dog, Pawp is your proof.

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