Pawp lets you talk to a vet online now as telemedicine comes to pet owners.

While many of those collaborations are based on equipment and medicinal improvements, one of the most important intersections of medicine and technology in recent years is all about the process of health: namely, the traditional doctor’s office visit.

Telemedicine has gained traction at a phenomenal rate, especially during the COVID era. Telehealth virtual doctor appointments skyrocketed to almost 400,000 per week across the U.S. virtually overnight last year. That trend was especially driven by the 83 million millennials in the current American workforce, with 40 percent of those 25-to-40-year olds saying the telehealth option was very important to them.

Almost 80 percent of patients say scheduling a telemedicine visit is easier than going in-person, it’s cheaper, and according to The American Journal of Accountable Care, “The use of telemedicine has been shown to allow for better long-term care management and patient satisfaction.”

So, if all that’s true, it’s no wonder that telemedicine is riding such an amazing high. It’s also no wonder why that same trend toward virtual visits with a medical professional are now spilling over to other members of your family — like your beloved pets.

Pawp brings online vet to your pet
Starting operations just before the pandemic changed the practice of veterinary visits propelling the telehealth business. Pawp has grown to become a solid pet insurance alternative largely centered around virtual vet visits.

Members can get up to six pets in their family covered for just $19 a month. Regardless of a dog or cat’s age, breed, medical history, or where they’re located, that same $19 per month price offers that pet the full protection of Pawp’s vet telemedicine and financial support.

That begins with Pawp providing a first line of technology-driven medical care whenever you have a concern about your pet’s health. Members only have to reach out to the Pawp hotline for help anytime 24/7/365. Usually, within five minutes, Pawp then connects worried pet parents with a trained and licensed veterinary expert who can assess a dog or cat’s condition and suggest an appropriate round of treatment via text, voice, or video conferencing.

In many cases, Pawp eliminates the hassle of scooping up a sick or injured pet into a carrier, drudging down to a nearby vet clinic, then waiting for a doc to give that dog or cat a look. While the telemedicine visit is no full substitute for an in-person visit if a pet needs serious medical attention, Pawp certainly provides anxious pet parents immediate peace of mind from uncertain medical situations as well as actionable steps for getting that pet back to 100 percent.

Pawp helps pet owners save money
Of course, talking to a vet online can also be a huge money saver. With the average vet visit costing anywhere from $85 to $128, your virtual consultation is already saving you cash if it avoids a costly in-person visit.

But even if a dog or cat does need occasionally expensive medical care, Pawp is also there to help with up to $3,000 in emergency medical coverage that can be used at any pet clinic one time per year. Unlike pet insurance, that means no out-of-pocket expenses for pet owners. It usually only takes a call from the clinic to Pawp to get a vet bill straightened out while you wait.

With just some basic information about yourself and your animals, pet parents can go to the Pawp website right now and get started on a pet insurance plan for their dog or cat (or both) for just $19 a month within minutes. 

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