Pet Insurer Creates Platform That Can Predict Your Dog’s Medical Future

Pet insurance company Fetch by The Dodo announced today that it has created a dog disease database that will enable dog owners to learn what medical conditions their pet is at risk for, and to take preventive measures.

Dog owners will be able to get a comprehensive health report on their dog by entering the breed, age, and zip code where the dog lives in a link on the Fetch by The Dodo website.

The report will draw from 150 million clinical data points culled from over 725,000 dogs during the 16 years Fetch by The Dodo – previously known as Petplan – has been processing medical claims. The company was renamed Fetch by The Dodo after pet-focused media brand The Dodo acquired a minority stake.

The health report offer is part of Fetch by The Dodo’s plan to woo millennial and Gen Z pet parents by being a source of information and advice, as well as a provider of insurance coverage.

“When it comes to insurance, and when it comes to pet health and wellness, they want more than just peace of mind. They want information, they want advice, they want tangible facts on how to keep their pet healthy and how to prevent the pet from getting sick in the first place,” Paul Guyardo, President and CEO of Fetch by The Dodo said.

Guyardo describes the free report Fetch by The Dodo will begin providing later this year as “a pet health report on steroids.”

The report, he said, “provides predictions of the illnesses your pet is most pre-disposed to, and more importantly it provides preventative tips and advice to ensure that either the pet doesn’t get the illness at all, or that the impact of the illness is mitigated.”

The free health report is the first offering from a predictive health platform Fetch has been building that it hopes to expand for other uses.

Beginning today, Fetch by The Dodo is letting dog owners get on a waitlist for a health report through a link on its website. The reports will be emailed to participants when the platform becomes available later this year.

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