Pet tech: GPS trackers and activity trackers compared 

Technology for our furry friends is a booming market, so we’ve rounded up some Christmas gift ideas for cats and dogs

Half of UK adults have a pet, with cats and dogs almost equally popular (cats are just a whisker ahead), according to animal charity PDSA. And how much we love our pets shows in how we spend our money on them, buying things such as cosy beds and blankets, a huge range of toys and, increasingly, technology-enabled gadgets and gizmos.

The market for high-tech pet gadgets has grown enormously in recent years. It’s possible to buy remote-controlled toys, internet-connected cameras that let you check on your pet from anywhere in the world where you can get online, pet feeders that precisely measure what your pet eats, and much more.

The rise in pet tech is part of the growth of the connected home: adding kit for our pets to our connected thermostats, lights and doorbells is a no-brainer. Below, we run through the pros and cons of different types of pet tech.

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