PetSafe Introduces Latest Pet Tech Innovation with World’s First Pumpless Pet Water Fountain

PetSafe recently announced it is introducing the next evolution in pet fountains: the PetSafe Outlast 90-ounce Pumpless Pet Fountain with patented HydroSpin technology.

For years, pet fountains have used submersible pumps, which are hard to clean and often lead to breakdowns. Today, PetSafe unveils an innovative pumpless fountain that uses their exclusive patented HydroSpin technology, a unique cone mechanism that cycles water through a filtration system. The Outlast motor is built with precision stainless-steel ball bearings and is located in a dry compartment within the fountain, so it never needs cleaning and resists breakage.

By eliminating the submersible pump and making the fountain parts dishwasher safe, PetSafe has created the easiest pet fountain to clean ever.

While the Outlast Fountain has a sleek and contemporary look to compliment any setting, it’s also built to be durable. To extend the motor’s life, the Outlast fountain automatically slows water flow at night and shuts off when water levels are too low. The Outlast Fountain also has LED light indicators to alert pet parents when the water is too low and when to change the filter.

The Outlast Fountain utilizes the newly designed PetSafe X Filter to improve taste and keep water clean. The filter has an activated carbon stage to catch debris and absorb odors and bad taste, keeping your pet’s water fresh, while the ion exchange stage keeps water soft.

The combination of the PetSafe Ion-X Filter and HydroSpin technology keeps water clean and flowing to prevent bacteria growth and entices pets to drink more for healthy hydration.

The Outlast Fountain features:

  • Innovative HydroSpin technology, with a patented cone mechanism, cycles water through the fountain
  • Revolutionary pumpless design has fewer moving parts and a non-submerged motor protected from water and debris for unparalleled reliability
  • Quiet motor with sensors regulate water flow, automatically shutting off at low levels to extend motor life
  • LED indicators indicate when fountain water is low and when to change the filter
  • Ion-X Pet Fountain Filters soften and improve the taste of water, encouraging healthy pet hydration
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

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