Rex raises €5 million to build chain of modern veterinary practices in Germany

The Berlin-based startup operates its own practices as well as a digital platform of pet products and services with special focus on customer experience and digitised processes.

APPA’s Generational Report, published in March, shows that millennials now make up the largest group of pet owners. According to the ZFF (German Association of Zoological Specialists), the number of dogs and cats in Germany more than doubled since 2010 and has now reached 27 million. 

Betting big on the increasing number of pets, Berlin-based Rex has raised €5 million in a seed round to establish a chain of modern veterinary practices in Germany and beyond. The round was backed by Vorwerk Ventures, existing investor Picus Capital and Calm/Storm. Additional investors include founders Vlad Lata and Julian Kley from Avi Medical, Florian Seubert from Zooplus and Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz from Klara.

Founded by Jonathan Loesing and Julian Lechner in 2021, the startup aims to build the veterinary practice of the future. The company operates its own practices as well as a digital platform of pet products and services. Special focus is placed on a pleasant customer experience, digitised processes and veterinary care. Some of its key features include mobile appointment booking, telehealth visits and regular reminders about vaccinations and check-ups.

Rex opened its first veterinary practice in Berlin-Friedenau in May 2022. Jonathan Loesing, co-founder said: “We’re building pleasant, modern veterinary practices for first-class veterinary care on-site. In combination with digital offers around telemedicine and e-commerce, we offer easy access to services and products for pets and their owners.”

“Unfortunately, most veterinary practices are not tailored to this young target group, as they are severely under-digitised and therefore no longer meet the demands of today’s generation of pet owners,” added Sascha Guenther, partner at Vorwerk Ventures.

Oliver Heinrich, partner at Picus Capital concluded: “By offering a digital interface to the pet owners, Rex offers its customers a portfolio of services and products in addition to physical veterinary care, making the lives of veterinarians, pets and their owners much easier.”

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