SK Telecom Joins Forces with Universities to Develop Auxiliary Diagnosis Solution for Pets

SK Telecom Co., South Korea’s largest mobile carrier, said Tuesday that it had entered into a partnership with five national universities to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-based veterinary image diagnosis solution for pets.

The solution will be designed to ensure the diagnosis of pets in a faster and more accurate way. It will use AI to analyze X-rays of pets taken at veterinary clinics and to provide the analysis information to veterinarians.

Under the partnership, the five universities — Kangwon National University, Kyungpook National University, Gyeongsang National University, Jeonbuk National University and Chungnam National University — will provide SK Telecom with their veterinary image data, including X-ray diagnosis images and opinions.

The telecom operator will develop and commercialize the AI-based solution by using its AI automation platform, ‘Meta Learner’, that will play the role of collecting, analyzing and learning pet disease diagnosis data.

In collaboration with the veterinary universities, SK Telecom plans to enhance the accuracy of the solution through on-site verifications at veterinary clinics, as well as to promote the development of joint services.

Moreover, under the goal of commercializing the solution, the company also formed a business agreement with local animal medical group SKY Animal Medical Group to carry out clinical and field tests.

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