SK Telecom launches AI pet diagnostic solution in Australia

The firm introduced its AI-based animal diagnostic assistant service X Caliber, which aids veterinarians in X-ray images

South Korea’s SK Telecom Co. announced on Wednesday that it launched its AI-based pet diagnostic assistance service X Caliber in Australia and has begun full-scale promotions.

X Caliber, first launched in South Korea in September 2022, utilizes AI to assist veterinarians in diagnosing diseases by analyzing pet X-ray images.

This is the first time this tool has been commercialized overseas.

It will be immediately used in over 100 animal hospitals in Australia upon its launch.

SK Telecom partnered with Australia’s largest medical device distributor ATX Medical Solutions, in November last year to prepare for X Caliber’s entry into the Australian market, providing beta services to local animal hospitals.

The two companies will introduce X Caliber to veterinarians at the Australian Veterinary Association Conference, an annual event for Australia’s veterinary community, held in Melbourne until May 30.

Following its launch in Australia, SK Telecom announced that it signed a commercial deal for X Caliber with MEDIVET Pet Hospital & Clinic, a chain of animal hospitals in Indonesia.

The company plans to offer X Caliber beta services in North America, Europe, and Asia.

According to Animal Medicines Australia, as of 2022, 69% of households in Australia have pets, a higher percentage compared to the US (57%) and the UK (40%).

Source :,-media-telecom/newsView/ked202405290010

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