Smart Tracking Technologies, LLC and Petriage announce partnership

Petriage—a pet health technology company that offers fully integrated telehealth services—has entered a unique partnership with the Link Smart Pet Wearable by Smart Tracking Technologies, LLC, the technology leader in smart pet wearables, a rapidly growing market.

« We’re pleased to partner with Petriage. We believe their teletriage app, trusted relationship with vets and pet parents, and planned pet wellness advances will help us continue to transform and further enrich pet care, » said Donny Lamey, CEO of Smart Tracking Technologies, in a company release.

« Our partnership helps us provide a complete ecosystem for pet engagement, including health and wellness that will benefit every pet parent and veterinarian that treats their pets,” he added.

The collaboration marks Petriage’s intent to incorporate real-time pet health information from its AI-driven symptom analysis tool into Smart Tracking Technologies’ brand-new Link Smart Pet Wearable device. As part of the partnership, Link users will have access to Petriage’s patent-protected symptom analysis tool which informs pet parents with 97%-plus accuracy of the urgency to seek care for their pet based on information they enter surrounding the pet’s symptoms, according to the release. Plus—for a small additional monthly fee—they will have unlimited access to Petriage Live, a 24/7 veterinary Nurse Helpline.

The Link Smart Pet Wearable is a sleek, convenient device with GPS tracking, activity monitoring, training and safety features, and more. It is built on a proprietary technology platform that pairs with Link’s smartphone app to offer a network, linking dog parents with each facet of their pet’s well-being. The Link smart pet wearable includes access to veterinary records, a built-in flashlight, and exclusive built-in training resources. Link’s app is fully supported by a Florida-based concierge services team that prioritizes the customer experience.

The collaboration will enable Link dog owners to use Petriage’s connected care platform which enhances bonds between veterinarians and more than 500,000 clients by providing them improved assessments of their pet’s health (ie, alerts that their pet may require medical attention).

« From Petriage’s earliest days, I envisioned a future in which historical and real-time pet wearable data would be combined with observational data inputted by pet parents and incorporated into an AI-Driven symptom analysis tool. We are actively working to establish the parameters of wearable data that will trigger proactive medical alerts and expect to start beta testing during the second half of 2022,” said Shlomo Freiman, DVM, Petriage’s co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer.


Smart Tracking Technologies, LLC and Petriage announce Link Smart Pet Wearable Partnership. News release. Link My Pet. January 3, 2022. January 10, 2022.

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