Tech firm brings Joii to animals with AI vet 

A new app designed to make pet healthcare accessible and affordable has been launched by a Leeds-based technology firm.

Vet-tech start-up Vet-AI has launched Joii, an artificial intelligence application which enables pet owners to get an initial diagnosis from home for their pets.

The application uses algorithms written by vets which help guide owners to the right outcome for the animal.
Technology entrepreneur Paul Hallett, along with veterinarians Robert Dawson and Sarah Warren, formed Vet-AI in 2017.

Mr Hallett said: “Our main aim is to improve animal welfare and to make pet care more accessible. But it’s also about helping those who provide that care.
“Much like human healthcare professionals, vets often experience difficult working conditions. Through the provision of digital services, Vet-AI wants to relieve the pressure on vets so that they can ultimately offer a higher quality of care.
“At the same time, this means fewer vet bills for owners, and less discomfort for pets that don’t tend to enjoy visiting a clinic.”

A clinical trial by Vet-AI showed that, in many cases, equally accurate diagnoses can be made by vets through a video consultation as can be made by vets giving a physical examination. Mr Hallett said: “We believe we will drive more cases into physical practices as a consequence of engaging with pet owners early, and ultimately this will grow the overall market. We want to work with practices and create meaningful collaborations so we can help each other.”

Since launching in 2017, Vet-AI has built a team of 19 specialists including design entrepreneur Jonathan Sands OBE, computational physicist Trevor Hardcastle, as well as former head of AI at online medical consultation platform Push Doctor, Josh Sephton.

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