The Vets4Pets group launches its own pet health mobile phone app

New service allowing clients to book appointments themselves – be it in person at their chosen branch of Vets4Pets, a home visit or an online or telephone consultation.

The Vets4Pets group has joined IVC by launching its own pet health mobile phone app.

In a short press statement entitled “Vets4Pets takes it one step further“, the group outlines the release of a new app which it describes as: “… a revolutionary new tool which will empower our clients to manage all aspects of their pet’s health on their smart phone or computer”.

The press release continues: “As well as acting as a source of information and reminder system, this new app will empower clients to book appointments themselves: be it in person at their chosen branch of Vets4Pets, a home visit or an online or telephonic consultation.

“All consultations will be with registered, qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons and will carry a fee. Should it be necessary for a patient to visit the clinic after a remote consultation, the in-clinic consultation will be discounted by the amount already paid.”

The Vets4Pets financial model of knocking off the remote consultation fee mirrors IVC, which launched a similar service with a £16 remote consultation fee in June

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