This IoT device can help owners monitor pets during air transport

Pennsylvania, US-based IT firm Unisys Corporation has launched a new Internet-of-Things device, Digi-Pet, which would help owners monitor their pets in aircraft cargo holds.

The solution, developed at the company’s innovation centre in Bengaluru, uses IoT technology through smart sensors attached to the pet’s kennel, or carry case, to monitor and transmit key metrics, such as temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light, and alert the pet owner and airline staff if something goes wrong.

Users can also subscribe to live video streaming, click photos or directly communicate with their pets through the Digi-Pet app, the company said.

The company said that it has partnered with 20 global carriers and has already helped transport more than 180,000 animals annually.

Digi-Pet can also be used by shippers and carriers, which transport other animal cargo, such as horses, day-old chicks or hatching eggs, that requires heat, oxygen and light monitoring, the company said.

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