This smart litter box uses AI recognition + sensors to prevent 7 common cat illnesses!

Ever felt like life would be complete if only our pets could talk? I always wonder how that would go – they would be able to express what they want to eat, how they are feeling, if they want to go out to play, and when they are feeling sick. As a cat owner myself, one of the biggest worries is that my cat can’t tell me when he’s feeling ill. Naturally, I would want to help as soon as he feels low but realistically we can’t be there monitoring them 24×7. Enter LuluPet – a smart litter box that uses AI recognition to detect symptoms of the top 7 common cat illnesses! Designs like this bridge the language barrier between our cats and us (for obvious reasons)!

LuluPet is the first smart cat litter box that uses excretory image recognition to track your cat’s health with 95% accuracy – yes, it means through their potty habits. More than 30% of the cats suffer from urinary tract diseases in their life and pet owners don’t catch it till it’s late. Cats inherently hide their pain so it makes it even more difficult to spot what is wrong especially with illnesses like kidney disease, heart disease, and urinary tract problems early on. With LuluPet you have more control over your cat’s health and you will be alerted of any irregularity in real-time whether it is a minor issue or a potentially major one. LuluPet uses AI image recognition to help identify urinary tract problems and a built-in camera, infrared sensor, and AI chips to analyze different types of feces. It distinguishes feces using the Bristol Stool Scale and combines with medical data from pet hospitals to identify symptoms of cat diseases which sets it apart from the traditional litter boxes that simply detect the weight of the feces.

The double door design helps reduce fallen litter when cats finish their business and the front entry is ideal for kittens and senior cats who are unable to jump constantly. It has an easy to clean drawer and works with all kinds of poop be it scented, unscented, clumpy, or not clumpy. Lulupet also has enough room for your pet, the hexagonal shape creates the most internal space for your cat while keeping it manageable for every size household. A nice detail is that you can keep the litter box completely closed or semi-open depending on what you and your cat prefer (maybe you both love the blue litter box more?). LuluPet makes it easier for you to keep your pet’s health in top condition without feeling guilty or being constantly worried about them not being able to tell you what is wrong and nipping issues in the bud if any. It is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa so even if you forget to check the app, your virtual assistant will send you a reminder.

The litter box is integrated with a smart app so you will get real-time alerts from the LuluPet and can act quickly when needed. This also saved pet owners from excessive vet visits and the constant worry is your cat is alright, but with LuluPet both you and your feline friend can sleep easy. Stool and urine analysis is the most straightforward way of detecting a wide range of feline diseases. LuluPet has an in-depth, cat pathology database with clinical data from more than 6,000 cats and automatically cross-references the details to ensure your cat’s health is in the normal range. Health data varies for different breeds depending on cat age, but our AI Autonomous Learning Mechanism gives a custom data model for each cat so they get a report uniquely tailored to their situation. AI accurately monitors cat weight, urine volume, stool volume, excretion duration, excretion frequency, excretion appearance, and color type – so you know what is truly happening on the inside even if they can’t express it.

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