Unveiling Next Generation of Pet Care Technology with Whistle™ Health

Whistle, the leading pet tech healthcare service, announced today the launch of Whistle Health, an AI-enabled, data-driven smart device for dogs aimed at preventive care.

Leveraging a vast collection of data, gathered over four years from over 100,000 pets worldwide, Whistle built industry-leading AI that can translate every dog’s movements into a personalized, holistic wellness index. The result is a first-of-its kind health device that helps pet parents see what’s actually happening with their dog’s health at all times.

“Think of Whistle Health as your daily digital companion for your dog—a smart device that provides your pet with a voice, helping you understand them like never before,” said Kate Balingit, General Manager at Whistle. “Whistle Health doesn’t just detect issues, it also connects pet parents to an entire ecosystem of pet pros for data-driven, personalized care, helping their pets live their happiest and healthiest lives.”

Backed by trillions of data points and clinical insights, Whistle Health tracks important health behaviors like eating, drinking, scratching, licking, sleeping, fitness, and activity to provide an entirely new way of understanding your dog. When paired with the Whistle app, the Whistle Health device can detect issues and alert pet parents of potential problems like excessive scratching or changes in eating habits, automatically connecting them to a veterinarian through Whistle’s Ask a Vet feature.

“It’s hugely impactful when pet parents are able to bring in tracking data collected from a device like Whistle Health—being able to use actual data to inform a treatment plan means veterinary professionals can provide more individualized and tailored care to our patients,” said Aletha Carson, DVM, Senior Manager, Data and Clinical Research. “Whistle Health is an incredible tool that every veterinarian should incorporate into their care.”

Source : https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220517005049/en/Unveiling-Next-Generation-of-Pet-Care-Technology-with-Whistle%E2%84%A2-Health

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