Vet Help Direct launches new video platform amid Covid-19 outbreak

Vet Help Direct is launching its new video platform to help veterinary practices contingency planning for a Covid-19 outbreak. 

The video platform will be available free of charge at this time to allow veterinary practices to continue to maintain cash flow and a service to their clients, even those unable to travel to the surgery.

Susie Samuel, CEO of Vet Help Direct said: “The Coronavirus presents a very real business risk to veterinary practices and a health risk to staff. As cases increase, animal owners in quarantine will not be able to visit the vet when their animals become unwell. 

“In these cases, veterinary practitioners will not be able to discuss an animal’s symptoms with their owner in person and could end up relying solely on telephone consultations which would most likely be conducted free of charge.”

She added: “Our video platform allows vets to collect payment for a consultation as usual, hold the consultation with the  animal’s owner and if a pet needs to be seen, the owner could, in theory, drop it off at the surgery without making personal contact with the vet clinic staff.”

Vet Help Direct also said that animals cannot carry the virus, although they may act as a fomite, where the virus is present on an animal’s fur and skin. As such, treatment by a vet would not put the owner or the vet at risk.

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