Vets innovate surgery education with launch of global open-access study book

Two veterinary surgeons have set out to bring the latest veterinary surgical education to veterinarians globally with the launch of a free online veterinary surgery book during the recent Veterinary Innovation Summit.

“Very few veterinary educational books are available free of charge, which limits the distribution of these important resources to regions of the world that most need better access to veterinary education and patient care,” co-editor Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn said.

The third edition of The Cutting Edge, Basic Veterinary Surgery Techniques has been created by veterinary lecturers from both academic and private practice. This specific edition is designed for an open-access web-based platform and is free to download here.

“The cool thing is that students worldwide will be able to use the information for their benefit, improving their surgical knowledge and skills at minimal cost,” co-editor Dr Gert ter Haar said.

The 400+ page volume covers a wide array of surgical topics and is not species-specific, enabling all veterinary healthcare team members to enjoy its content without sub-specialising.

“We wanted to launch the book during the summit as its key themes were innovation and the improvement of access to care in the broadest form of its definition,” Dr Kirpensteijn added.

“By offering royalty-free education tools through a digital and global network, we are changing the world for the better step by step. Now all you need to learn is a mobile phone and a connection to the internet.”

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