Visual recognition transformational for livestock

Cainthus develops technology based on visual recognition of cows. By using cameras in the barn, the behaviour of cows is tracked and is turned into actionable data for the farmer. The focus is now on dairy, but plans are being made to expand to other livestock such as pigs and poultry. Cainthus was founded in 2016 and within 3 years, the start-up grew to 45 employees and is now testing its technology in ‘quite a number’ of dairy farms. “We are now in the phase of getting the technology ready for commercialisation. The farmers who are now involved, about 17 in Ireland and the United States, are very excited about the technology”, he says.

According to the new CEO, the visual recognition is the new promising technique ‘of tomorrow’ to improve the status of the herd. “Wearables have been successful and are the most used tool of today. But they are breakable, need a lot of hardware in the barn and often do not give actionable information to farmers”, Mr Connolly adds. For the long term, he believes that the camera technique will be more effective in relation to the costs than wearables. “At this time, a lot of farmers have a lack of information about their herd. They have limited knowledge about feed or water intake, and these factors are very important to know to assess the health status of the animals. Cows that don’t eat or drink often have a problem. With the real-time animal recognition, fast intervention by farmers is possible

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