VolitionRx teams up with leading French veterinary group to assess potential of cancer screening technology

The non-interventional study will be overseen by Dr Jérôme Benoit, the clinical director of Oncovet in Lille

VolitionRx (NYSE-A:VNRX) Limited said it will work with a renowned French veterinary referral clinic to further assess the potential of its cancer screening technology in dogs and cats.

A non-interventional study of Volition’s Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test will be overseen by Dr Jérôme Benoit, the clinical director of Oncovet in Lille.

Nu.Q has already been shown to detect cancers in dogs such as lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma (a cancer of the blood vessel walls).

Benoit and his team want to establish whether other common cancers regularly seen could also be detected in dogs and cats by screening for the tell-tale signs of the disease – circulating nucleosomes.

This will be done at diagnosis and throughout treatment with researchers expected to analyze samples from 100 dogs and 25 cats.

Findings of a recent peer-reviewed study found Volition’s Nu.Q system detected 76% of systemic cancers at 97% specificity (in other words, the ability to correctly identify the disease type).

Source : https://www.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/998268/volitionrx-teams-up-with-leading-french-veterinary-group-to-assess-potential-of-cancer-screening-technology-998268.html

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