Wagz™ Unveils Dog Collar Wearable as Brains Behind the First Connected Pet Home System at SuperZoo

Wagz, Inc. announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar—the first high-tech dog wearable of its kind that combines real-time data, geofencing and artificial intelligence to help owners keep their beloved canines on their property, off the couch, out of danger and eating healthier.

The new HD video-enabled collar is the central nervous system of a complete line of Wagz™ products that uses one simple app to deliver a completely connected pet home. The Wagz™ Explore Collar communicates with the brand’s high-tech doors, feeders, water dishes, and treat dispensers to eliminate hundreds of worries for pet owners.  

Key Explore Smart Collar Product Features:

Robust Activity Monitoring:  Monitor daily activity and calories burned based on breed, age, and weight.
Nutritional Intelligence:  Pairs with Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder to automatically feed based on real-time activity.
Precise GPS Tracking:  Always know exactly where your dog is and get alerts on your phone.
Temperature Alerts:  Get alerts when dog’s ambient temperature is too high or low.
Geofence:  Set precise location boundaries to keep dogs within safe zones using ultrasonic/vibration deterrence.
Invisible Leash:  Ditch the rope and keep dogs close with humane deterrence.
HD Video Streaming with Bark Alerts:  Check in on your dog from anywhere anytime and get alerts when your dog is excessively barking.

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