Whistle Labs Launches Innovative Pet Wearable Focused on Health and Fitness, as well as an All-New Nutrition Feature

 Whistle Labs, the leader in pet health, fitness and location tracking, today announced a new product geared specifically towards pet health and fitness – Whistle FIT. Whistle FIT serves as a preventative healthcare tool and utilizes its wellness program for dogs. It provides customers with a simple and fully personalized experience to manage pet care through monitoring of a pet’s key health behaviors, food intake management, and activity. A service company at its core, Whistle Labs provides users with valuable insights that enable them to better care for their dogs.

Adding to its family of best-in-class pet wearables – Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore – which enables GPS location tracking in addition to health and fitness features, Whistle FIT was created as an alternative option for pet owners who aren’t concerned with GPS tracking and solely focused on health and fitness monitoring. These smart, collar-worn devices capture information about a dog’s behavior around-the-clock, which owners can view through the Whistle mobile app.

Whistle trackers help owners stay on top of their dog’s fitness with recommended daily activity goals based on breed, age, and weight. See calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active & more. Whistle trackers help owners get ahead of potential health problems with alerts, notifications and weekly wellness reports that monitor behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping. Owners can also get a 30-day view of health behavior that can easily be shared with a veterinarian.

« Our mission is to improve the lives of pets by empowering the people who love them, » said Collette Bunton, CEO of Whistle Labs. « Introducing Whistle FIT to our product portfolio is a direct response to our customers’ needs for insights into their pet’s health and fitness. Through our Pet Insight Project, where we’ve enlisted over 50,000 citizen scientists and collected data from 60,000 dogs across 900 breeds and mixes, we’re able to provide an in-depth look into pet behavior and provide Whistle FIT users with actionable solutions. These insights help give our pets a voice and enable pet parents to deliver the right care when they need it — leading to happier and healthier pets. »

A recent survey conducted by Whistle of 1,000 U.S. pet owners revealed their biggest concern is understanding and managing their pets’ behavior, as well as providing them with proper nutrition and healthcare.

« Whistle FIT collects over 50 samples of your pet’s movements every second, enabling our research team to look for hidden insights and discover never-before-seen patterns, » said Jordan Meyer, Whistle’s VP of Product. « As we uncover new connections between pet behavior, health and nutrition, we’ll update the Whistle app to provide new capabilities and features, and offer greater insight into your pet’s well-being. »

Whistle Labs also announced its new Nutrition feature today, adding to Whistle tracker’s robust Health and Fitness features. Whistle is the only brand in pet wearables to offer personalized nutrition recommendations. With over 3,000 types of dog food, across all major brands, in its database, Whistle calculates the total daily amount an owner should be feeding their dog based on age, breed, weight, activity level/calories burned, and type of dog food. Activity levels are pulled directly from the Whistle tracker to make it easy to calculate precise average calories burned per day as input into portion recommendations. Once a pet owner enters their dog food, the Whistle app evaluates activity levels to determine the portion of food suggested specifically for that dog. Similar to humans, fitness in dogs is based not only on activity, but also the amount of calories consumed.

Approximately 60% of the dogs in the US are overweight or obese.1
A dog’s life can be extended by as much as 2 ½  years by keeping them in their ideal weight range.2
With custom insights and regular notifications to support your pet care and wellness regimen, Whistle trackers enable users to act on science, providing them with unparalleled peace of mind. By adding nutrition features, Whistle Labs continues to innovate the pet wearables category, enabling pet parents to better connect with and understand their pets, transforming the way they care for them.

Whistle Nutrition features will be available on Whistle FIT trackers, as well as Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore trackers.

Whistle FIT will be available for purchase at whistle.com on January 21, 2020 for $79.95. A Whistle Wellness subscription is required for each device: a yearly plan for $35.40 ($2.95/mo) covers all personalized health and fitness features, using data that is continually updated from the 3-year Whistle Pet Insight Project to analyze and compare a pet’s personal information that is gathered in the Whistle app. The monthly subscription also provides personalized notifications, weekly wellness reports full of insights about your pet – all of which leads to a healthier life for your pet. And for a limited time, Whistle offers free access to a vet through the Whistle app, allowing owners to communicate through chat, audio/video calls, or email.

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