WHISTLE™ Smart Pet Collar Launch Empowers Parents to Better Understand Pet’s Wellbeing

Whistle, the leader in pet health and location tracking, today announced the launch of its newest pet wearable — The Whistle Switch Smart Collar. Whistle Switch offers 24/7 GPS location monitoring, so owners always know where their pets are. Additionally, total health and fitness monitoring helps pet parents understand what is normal so they are empowered to provide the best care and be the best pet parent. To take it a step further, the collar offers a new, sleek design that works for dogs as small as 5lbs, with two interchangeable batteries so you can not only stay connected with your BFF, but also keep them looking stylish at all times.

The Whistle Switch smart collar’s unique data provides science-backed insights that empower pet owners to take action in support of their pet living their best life. Whether it’s understanding a change in your dog’s activity levels, or recognizing why your pet is scratching more than usual, Whistle gives pet owners a way to communicate with and understand their pets without having to go to the vet. The data gathered through the Whistle Switch provides additional information for The Pet Insights Project, an initiative led by Kinship, the larger coalition that Whistle is a part of, to utilize billions of data points from tens of thousands of dogs and transform them into actionable health predictions to improve life for pups everywhere.

“Our goal with Whistle is to provide the technology and resources for all pet parents to gain greater insights into their pet’s behavior and wellbeing, as better pet parenting starts by understanding our pets,” said Sara Studebaker, Director of Brand, Whistle.

“Our pets can’t tell us about their day or how they are feeling,” said veterinarian Dr. Aletha Carson. “The Whistle Switch provides pet parents the opportunity to monitor their pets. It helps take some of the guesswork out of being a pet parent. Being able to see trends when their behavior is changing will allow us to identify potential signs of illnesses earlier. It is really hard to tell when a normal behavior such as licking to stay clean or scratching the occasional itch increases for many reasons and becomes a problem. Providing care before a little problem becomes a big problem is a win for all.”

The Whistle Switch offers 24/7 location monitoring enabled by the AT&T cellular network*, so pet owners never have to wonder where their pets are. Access to the AT&T network is included in the Whistle 360 subscription plan, so pet owners don’t need to be an AT&T subscriber themselves in order to use the service. This allows pet parents to monitor their pets whereabouts even when they’re not with them, providing peace of mind that they’re safe.

“We’re pleased to work with Whistle to help pet owners know that their furry friends are safe, secure and healthy,” said Lisa Park, assistant vice president, Business Development, AT&T. “The Whistle Switch smart collar will help improve the lives of pet owners and their pets through our LTE-M cellular network.”

The launch of the new smart collar follows the success of Whistle product’s previous line of wearables: Whistle FIT and Whistle GO Explore. You can learn more about how Whistle is helping parents take better care of their pets by empowering them with technology and pet science here.

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