Zoetis adds digital cytology testing to Vetscan Imagyst

This breakthrough technology now offers both digital cytology and AI fecal testing in a single platform, displaying the company’s ongoing dedication to animal care diagnostics.

Zoetis recently announced the addition of digital cytology testing to Vetscan Imagyst—its multi-purpose diagnostics technology platform launched in September 2020. With this innovation, Vetscan Imagyst now employs a network of expert remote pathologists along with artificial intelligence (AI) technology for fecal testing.

According to a company release, Zoetis remains dedicated to developing additional innovative applications for Vetscan Imagyst with plans to seamlessly incorporate more capabilities into the platform so veterinarians can offer enhanced patient care.

“Every veterinarian knows the importance of easy and rapid access to specialists when diagnosing and treating our patients,” said Richard E. Goldstein, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM), DECVIM-CA, vice president and chief medical officer of global diagnostics at Zoetis. « Now with the new digital cytology solution available from Vetscan Imagyst, we are virtually placing a board-certified, clinical pathologist right ‘down the hall’ from every veterinarian.”

This digital cytology application also grants instant access to expert clinical pathologists for analyzing samples including cells from blood, internal organs, or bodily fluids, thus allowing the fast and minimally invasive diagnosis of cancer, infection, inflammation and beyond. With a quick, accurate review of common cytology specimens (eg, fine needle aspirates), Vetscan Imagyst helps veterinarians provide same-day diagnosis and treatment, when necessary.

Vetscan Imagyst offers first-of-its-kind technology with its digital cytology feature:

Provides multiple applications in a single platform with digital cytology and AI fecal testing results and can add future applications
Occupies less space with a small in-office footprint and a compact scanner that can be easily added to any practice
Offers veterinary customers access to expert clinical pathologists within the Zoetis network as needed
Accelerates the future of animal care by updating the way and speed at which diagnostic tests can be delivered
Additionally, Vetscan Imagyst advances the process for clinical pathology review, displaying results within hours. Submissions are prepared in-clinic using traditional means; however, they are submitted digitally instead of sending physical slides to a laboratory.

“We are excited to build on the incredible momentum that began with the AI fecal analysis launch,” said Lisa Lee, senior vice president and head of global diagnostics at Zoetis. « Vetscan Imagyst has been a significant part of the Zoetis portfolio and continues to evolve to meet diagnostic needs in practices around the world.”

“The unique multi-purpose technology has added immense value to veterinary clinics, facilitating fast, more accurate results, leading to quicker diagnoses and decisions that ultimately strengthen the bond of trust between veterinarians and their clients,” she added.

This addition demonstrates Zoetis’ commitment to innovation and persistent drive to “meet the unmet needs of its veterinary customers.” Vetscan Imagyst is at the forefront of in-clinic diagnostics and will continue to feature more advanced applications that will positively impact veterinarians, their patients, and pet parents.

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