2020 Pet Tech Guide

Pets are a part of our family. We want the best for them just like we want the best for our kids, siblings or parents. There are plenty of pet gadgets out there designed to improve your fur baby’s quality of life. We’ve organized our favorites by purpose below. 

Devices to support balanced nutrition.
DOGNESS Automatic Wi-Fi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera
$159.99 at Chewy

Feed your furry family members when you’re away from home with this automatic feeder. Check in on how they’re doing with the 165° HD camera which is capable of recording at night. Schedule daily feeding times in the corresponding app and even leave a recorded message for when it’s time to eat.

Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
$129.99 at Chewy 

Treat the furriest member of your family—literally. Eight users can stay connected to your pet by tuning into a live video feed using the corresponding app. Play laser games and dispense a treat as a reward on-demand. 

Tools to make walking a breeze. 
DOGNESS Smart Retractable Leash Kit
$59.99 at Chewy 

Get everything you need to take your pup for a walk in a convenient kit. The Smart Retractable Leash is capable of putting the breaks on lunges or jumps like a seatbelt in a car. This kit comes with an LED flashlight that attaches to the handle for those who walk at night or during early morning hours. There’s even a bluetooth speaker built-in. 

PupFlask Dog Water Bottle
$24.96 at Tuff Pupper

Enjoy going on long walks, hikes or car rides with your best friend? If so, this dog water bottle with a built-in bowl bottlecap is an easy way to keep your tail-wagger hydrated when stopping for water isn’t an option. Not exactly high-tech, but it’s innovative design and usefulness make it a must have for pet parents. Especially on hot days. 

Price varies based on service at Rover

Rover is the first dog walking app to enter the market. It’s widely spread around the U.S. and boasts thousands of sitters. Schedule a one-time walk when emergencies pop up or make it a recurring event. You can choose walkers in your area based on reviews. If you’re away from home for extended periods of time, choose from their drop-in, house sitting or boarding services. 

Games to keep them entertained.
Friends Forever Interactive Laser Toy
$19.99 at Amazon 

Cats’ instinctive prey drive is strong, which is why “the hunt” gives them a thrill. Regular laser pointers get exhausting to play around with—plus can be cheaply made. This laser pointer does the job for you with a diamond top head that moves 360°. You can even set the speed, randomize the laser or manually control it. 

CleverPet V2
$299.00 at CleverPet

Challenge your dog’s cognitive skills with CleverPet. It’s a gaming console for your dog. Games are designed to become more challenging overtime to promote learning. Pups get treats for getting the right answers. Best of all, CleverPet updates automatically over Wi-Fi, and you can see your pup’s progress over time in the app. 

iDig-Digging Toy
$79.99 at iFetch

Have a digger on your hands? This toy satisfies your pup’s craving to dig holes through the attachable flaps at the base of the toy. Hide their favorite small toys or treats into a pocket on the flaps then watch your dog dig, pull, yank and tug until they reach their treats. iDig comes in a soft or hard shell base and fabric materials are machine washable.

Tools to support their health and well-being. 
PetPace Smart Sensing Collar
$159-$349 (depending on modal) at PetPace

Monitor your companion’s health with PetPace. Get updates on vitals, heart rate, weight, respiration and more right to your phone. Share records with your vet and get access to web-sessions with a veterinarian expert in the platinum tier. This device is completely wireless and is perfect for aging or sick pets. 

Pretty Litter
$22-$60/mo (depending on the number of cats in your family) at  PRETTY LITTER

How is litter technology? It’s smart enough to give you insight on your cat’s health. Pretty Litter changes color after your feline overlord companion uses the litter box. It also incorporates odor-trap technology so scooping litter isn’t as smelly. Each color signifies a different health indicator, with dark yellow-olive indicating good health. 

Fluffy Cat Bed
$24.99-$49.99 (depending on size) at Puurectiion

This Fluffy Cat Bed is also not the most gadget-heavy product on this list. But it’s ingenious design and ability to be machine washed makes it an excellent choice for kitties with anxiety. The Fluffy Cat Bed features raised walls to amplify the feeling of security. It’s also extremely soft and supports kneading claws. 

Devices for advanced pet care. 
Litter-Robot 3.0
$449.00 at Litter-Robot

Never scoop litter again with litter-robot. It’s patented system cycles out waste, separating it from clean litter. It drops the waste into a bagged waste bin below the clean bed of litter. You’ll need to dispose of the waste when it signals the bin is full. Refill litter as needed. 

FitBark GPS
$99.95 at fitbark.com

Monitor your pup’s health and know exactly where they are at all times with real-time tracking. FitBark also gives you insight on your dog’s well being, monitors their sleeping schedule and warns you of potential skin conditions. 

The bottom line. 
There’s plenty of pet-tech out there beyond this list. Consider how useful a pet-tech device is for your family. At the end of the day, simply spending time with your four-legged furballs is the best way to strengthen bonds and to make sure they’re happy and healthy. 

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