Ag Startup Engine makes initial investment in VetMeasure

The MeasureON! harness allows veterinarians to monitor an animal’s heart and pulse rates, respiration and body temperature, activity, and ambient temperature and humidity to determine an animal’s condition following surgical procedures or illness. 

VetMeasure has developed a harness that will improve real-time monitoring of a pet’s health by allowing veterinarians and pet owners to monitor the pet’s health remotely.

The MeasureON! harness, currently designed for dogs, measures key health metrics including temperature, respiration, and heart rate, and the dog’s environmental temperature and humidity. These metrics are sent to a mobile and web application to be viewed by veterinarians and clinic staff. Through setting personalized safe ranges, automated alerts are sent to the vets and vet techs when a dog nears critical levels.

“VetMeasure’s technology has the ability to dramatically improve an animal’s recovery rate through consistent, reliable health metrics,” said Kevin Maher, Founder and President of VetMeasure. “We’re excited to work with Ag Startup Engine because we’re confident that the harness will have an impact on animal and livestock health throughout the future. Ag Startup Engine funding will help advance our Series A equity round toward product release and hiring of key employees.”

VetMeasure plans to expand its technology platform to the dairy and beef sectors. VetMeasure’s technology will alert animal caretakers of a fever and other issues before they would typically be detected.

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